By Derek Lambert

ISBN-10: 0764152785

ISBN-13: 9780764152788

This is distinctive recommendation on settling on species, pairing fishes, holding either fish eggs and the younger from predators and disorder, and lots more and plenty extra. Aquarium hobbyists increase their abilities by means of learning the in actual fact captioned, step by step, full-color images on each web page of Tankmaster Books. those books. show—rather than in simple terms tell—how to take care of colourful and fascinating fish tanks, with each web page actually choked with images and different illustrations. All have special and instructive captions. every one ebook makes a speciality of a distinct point of both freshwater or marine aquarium upkeep, and explains every little thing from fish and plant forms to bubblers, filters, and different aquarium components. greater than two hundred illustrations in every one publication.

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