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The use of stone cladding and tiles as architectural features has only grown in popularity in the last decade.

Not only are Stone Cladding and Tiles being used on the outside of buildings on walls as entrance features garages pillars water features and facades of the building.

Stone Cladding Feature walls are being used in bathrooms bedrooms and any wall in your home you want to make into a feature.

Some products we have used on feature walls are

: Stacker Stone Panels on fireplaces living room walls Bathroom walls

: Shell Stone Boulder Walls on fireplaces and bedroom walls

: Granite and Sandstone Tiles as cladding on the outside of buildings durable surface that helps insulate your home

: Porcelain Tiles can cut to make your own colour palate patterns and individual style designs


For examples of Stone Feature Walls tiled by Roche Ting click on image below